My work is at the intersection of education policy, economics of education, sociology of education, and developmental psychology. I examine a constellation of topics centered on educational inequality and policy, and my research considers the ways that districts, schools, teachers and parents can contribute to or ameliorate educational inequality. I am particularly interested in examining the intended and unintended consequences of policies and interventions, as well as courses, policies, and curricula that seek to meet the needs of traditionally marginalized and minoritized youth. 

Links to selected papers

Ethnic Studies & Culturally Relevant Courses

  • Dee, Thomas S. and Emily K. Penner. “My Brother’s Keeper? The Dropout Effects of Targeted Educational Supports.” NBER Working Paper No. 26386.
  • Dee, Thomas S. and Emily K. Penner. 2017. “The Causal Effects of Cultural Relevance: Evidence from an Ethnic Studies Curriculum.” American Educational Research Journal, 54(1): 127-166. DOI: 10.3102/0002831216677002.
    NBER Working Paper No. 21865.

Districts and Schools